Our Supervision Aides

At recess and lunchtime, Bayview students are under the watchful eyes of our two Supervision Aides, Sam Doupe-Smith and Rhona Blewett.  Like the Custodial and Engineering Staff, Supervision Aides are members of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE 963). They are considered support workers in the school.

Supervision Aides are hired by the Vancouver School Board. The population of the school and size of the school site are both factors the VSB considers to determine whether a school will be staffed for have 1, 2, or 3 Supervision Aides. Supervision Aides are at Bayview from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm daily. They oversee and assist both inside and outside recess and lunchtime (weather-dependent), as well as in the lunch room.

Have you ever heard about the 10-minute rule?  Primary-aged students (K-Gr.3) are meant to stay inside and eat in the lunch room for the first 10 minutes.   Lunchtime begins at 12:10, although the kindergarten students usually begin eating their lunch a little earlier at 12:00.  Intermediate-aged (Grades 4-7) students have the option of eating lunch inside the lunchroom or may eat outside in the designated areas supervised by one aide while the other aide supervises in the lunchroom.

Ask your child about the Supervision Aides. They should recognize them – often by the reflective vests – and know to ask them for help. Rhona and Sam mediate disagreements, assess injuries, watch over games, and act as a safe haven when a child is upset. They can also be found – without reflective vests – helping supervise in classrooms between recess and lunchtime.