Advocacy - Raise an Issue

When you come across an issue you want to raise, let us know! The PAC Executive can discuss how to address the issue. It might be a small question that we can help you answer. Or maybe it's a bigger issue for the PAC community to rally behind collectively – to try and affect a change. Our goal is to tap into the skills and passions of our parents and the wider community around us. We can work together to fix what needs fixing, and to create a better learning environment for our children.

Some of the topics that have been raised with the PAC in recent years and are still relevant are:

  • Seismic Upgrades to Schools
  • Funding Cuts
  • Playgrounds
  • Technology
  • Classroom Size
  • BC Gaming Grants
  • FSA Testing (Provincial Foundation Skills Assessment for Grades 4 and 7)
  • Bullying
  • Literacy

So, if one (or more) of these issues hits your hot-button, or if you want to raise another issue, let us know – so we can work together to advocate for change.

To get started, contact the PAC Executive. Make us aware of the issue. We can make suggestions on how to proceed or maybe answer a niggling question that can't wait.