Advertise Through the PAC

Our audience consists of the parents of the children of Bayview Community Elementary school in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia.

If you wish to reach this audience then you have come to the right place.  All of our parents are opt-in to receive information from the PAC and as part of our fundraising initiative (*) we will be including advertisements to our parents with some of our communications.

Goal: To increase the fundraising potential by providing targeted, relevant and timely advertisements.

To advertise with the Bayview PAC please contact (TODO).

TODO: provide demographic information about the parents, number of times we will send out the information and what are acceptable formats for information... also offer packages for folks that wish to repeat and also options for sizing and placement on our website and our newsletters.

(*) to be voted on during the September 2011 PAC Meeting

NOTE: We do not advertise to the children or staff of Bayview.

Why Bayview

Why Bayview?

Bayview is a small and supportive community school. With about 300 students and their families, our school is a warm and vibrant learning environment.

Why would you want to choose Bayview?

Why would you want to help Bayview?

Why would you want to work with Bayview?

Why would you want to donate to Bayview?