Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items are typically put in several places around the school. 

The first place to try is in the main hallway outside the library. Most items are returned here if found inside or outside the school. The staff and supervision aides often pick up lunch boxes and clothing after lunchtime/recess and bring them here.

If your child attends JKC, there is another Lost and Found in the lunchroom. Sometimes lunch boxes and clothing also end up here.

The third possibility is outside the gym, where clothing may be left hanging on the hooks after gym class or inside recess.

If your child has lost something and there is no sign of it, do not despair. Often items are taken home mistakenly by another child and then returned – turning up as much as a week or two later!

Several parents regularly sort through the Lost and Found in the main hallway. They periodically throw out junk, take books back to the school and public libraries, and occasionally run thermos-type containers through the school dishwasher.

If you would like to volunteer please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

If there is a family event coming up, when more parents are in the school (e.g. special assembly, Hallowe'en Howl, etc.), the Lost and Found items are sorted, folded, and put on display. This organizing is meant to encourage students and parents to look through and find their missing things.

Due to the high volume of Lost and Found (take a look – it can be overflowing!), a notice is placed in the school newsletter three times a year. This notice reminds families that all Lost and Found items will be removed and donated to the needy if not claimed by the rightful owners. General clear-outs happen at the Winter Break, Spring Break, and end of school in June.

Encourage your child to check the Lost and Found regularly. Sometimes things are found even before you realize they were lost!

Bayview Hot Lunch Program

How the program works:

1. You pre-order your meal for the following month (before the deadline date -- as shown on the website).  For example you order November meals in October -- the exception is the first month of the school year.

2. You pay one of two ways:
a. online using a credit card

b. cheque dropped off at the Bayview office (with your order form in the Hot Lunch Program box).

Getting Started:

Visit C'est Mon Cafe's home page and click on the green Hot Lunch
Program button to review the menu and learn more about the program.

Once you are ready to get started visit the C'est Mon Cafe website and place your order.


1. You will need to know the division for each child

2. Meals are $5.55 + G.S.T..  Optional Items, including drinks, frozen desserts and baked items cost an additional $0.70 - $2.45 plus tax.

3.  We want your feedback -- menu options, delivery dates, anything, the more we get the better we can try and meet the needs of the Bayview kids and parents.

Questions & Answers (based on parent questions):

Q: Is this a PAC fundraiser?

A. Yes, the program is a fund raiser but historically it represented only about 4% of the funds raised.

The program was run historically, including last year, but the administrative load was getting too heavy for the school and the PAC so the parents voted to change it in May last year.  The main goals of the new program were to: (1) remove the administrative load from the school and lessen it for the PAC, (2) parents wanted a hot lunch at least once per week, (3) raise funds for the school, (4) provide meals to kids who need a meal but aren't getting one (this was request from the principal).  The new program is designed to do all of those.  We created a scoping document based on these requirements and vetted 4 vendors during the summer of 2011 and C'est Mon Café agreed to all of our terms and at the time were Bayview parents too.

Q: How much of the proceeds go to the PAC?

A. The funds raised are a percentage of the gross sales for each day: 8% for < 100 meals, 12% for 101-150 and 16% for 151+.  This will depend on the participation level and unfortunately I don't have any data from the previous vendor so I don't know the participation levels -- something we'll find out during this first month of the new program.

Q: Is this an ongoing program?

A. This is an ongoing program and should run through to the end of the school year.


Programs - Bayview Classifieds

Need someone or something, looking to sell, rent or trade something and want to do this all within the Bayview parent community then you've come to the right place.  To add your ad contact us.

Current Classifieds:



Programs - Parent Education Events

Over the years, the PAC had organized a number of Parent Education events. These events included First Aid Training and seminars on topics that affect parents. One popular seminar tackled the sometimes taboo topic of head lice – how to avoid them, what to look for, and how to cope if they come home with your child.  

We currently do not have a Parent Education Committee at Bayview PAC, so if you have an idea or request for an event, or if you know of a program or event, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll work with you to try and make it happen. If you would like to step up and take on organizing parent education events for Bayview, please let your PAC chair know.

Current Programs:


Programs - Hot Lunch Program

Goal: To provide a hot-lunch option for students (and parents) on specific days for specific pre-paid meals.

How we did it: Bayview has had a Hot Lunch Program for a number of years, operating on Mondays. In Spring 2011, some concerns with the program were raised by the school administration, PAC Treasurer, and several parents. The PAC Executive was asked to investigate options for continuing or terminating the program.

The issues:

1. The Hot Lunch Program is a fundraising event for the PAC, representing roughly 4% of PAC's annual revenues. Getting rid of the program would mean both a financial loss to the PAC and to the parents and students who used the program.

2. The previous program relied on school staff, both in the office and teachers, to distribute sign-up sheets and collect funds. Over time, some staff felt it was too onerous and something the parents and/or vendor should coordinate.

3. The PAC Treasurer also drew attention to the considerable effort of reconciling and managing the financial side. Weekly invoices and tracking were necessary, along with other details that made it difficult for a parent volunteer. The PAC hoped to find an option that was easier to manage.

4. Several parents raised concerns about the food choices and the possibility of different options. There was no consensus on what would work better, but it was generally agreed that parents would appreciate some discussion of menu choices. For example, a draft menu could be presented to parents for feedback. Then the vendor could provide the most popular options, as voted by the parents -- who vote with their chequebooks.

To this end, the PAC created a scoping document that was sent to four vendor candidates for consideration and discussion. After evaluating each of the vendors, we asked C'est Mon Café to provide our Hot Lunch Program for this year. We haven't ruled out allowing multiple vendors to participate, if they too meet the criteria outlined in the scoping document.

What about Hot Lunches this year?

Starting in the first few weeks of the school year, we will be asking parents to provide feedback on the lunch offerings. C'est Mon Café will provide the most popular meal options, as indicated by parents and their children. Hopefully this process will provide a more popular Hot Lunch Program. It may also act as a template for future programs: to provide adaptable food service without placing an administrative burden on the school and teachers.