Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items are typically put in several places around the school. 

The first place to try is in the main hallway outside the library. Most items are returned here if found inside or outside the school. The staff and supervision aides often pick up lunch boxes and clothing after lunchtime/recess and bring them here.

If your child attends JKC, there is another Lost and Found in the lunchroom. Sometimes lunch boxes and clothing also end up here.

The third possibility is outside the gym, where clothing may be left hanging on the hooks after gym class or inside recess.

If your child has lost something and there is no sign of it, do not despair. Often items are taken home mistakenly by another child and then returned – turning up as much as a week or two later!

Several parents regularly sort through the Lost and Found in the main hallway. They periodically throw out junk, take books back to the school and public libraries, and occasionally run thermos-type containers through the school dishwasher.

If you would like to volunteer please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

If there is a family event coming up, when more parents are in the school (e.g. special assembly, Hallowe'en Howl, etc.), the Lost and Found items are sorted, folded, and put on display. This organizing is meant to encourage students and parents to look through and find their missing things.

Due to the high volume of Lost and Found (take a look – it can be overflowing!), a notice is placed in the school newsletter three times a year. This notice reminds families that all Lost and Found items will be removed and donated to the needy if not claimed by the rightful owners. General clear-outs happen at the Winter Break, Spring Break, and end of school in June.

Encourage your child to check the Lost and Found regularly. Sometimes things are found even before you realize they were lost!