Bayview Hot Lunch Program

How the program works:

1. You pre-order your meal for the following month (before the deadline date -- as shown on the website).  For example you order November meals in October -- the exception is the first month of the school year.

2. You pay one of two ways:
a. online using a credit card

b. cheque dropped off at the Bayview office (with your order form in the Hot Lunch Program box).

Getting Started:

Visit C'est Mon Cafe's home page and click on the green Hot Lunch
Program button to review the menu and learn more about the program.

Once you are ready to get started visit the C'est Mon Cafe website and place your order.


1. You will need to know the division for each child

2. Meals are $5.55 + G.S.T..  Optional Items, including drinks, frozen desserts and baked items cost an additional $0.70 - $2.45 plus tax.

3.  We want your feedback -- menu options, delivery dates, anything, the more we get the better we can try and meet the needs of the Bayview kids and parents.

Questions & Answers (based on parent questions):

Q: Is this a PAC fundraiser?

A. Yes, the program is a fund raiser but historically it represented only about 4% of the funds raised.

The program was run historically, including last year, but the administrative load was getting too heavy for the school and the PAC so the parents voted to change it in May last year.  The main goals of the new program were to: (1) remove the administrative load from the school and lessen it for the PAC, (2) parents wanted a hot lunch at least once per week, (3) raise funds for the school, (4) provide meals to kids who need a meal but aren't getting one (this was request from the principal).  The new program is designed to do all of those.  We created a scoping document based on these requirements and vetted 4 vendors during the summer of 2011 and C'est Mon Café agreed to all of our terms and at the time were Bayview parents too.

Q: How much of the proceeds go to the PAC?

A. The funds raised are a percentage of the gross sales for each day: 8% for < 100 meals, 12% for 101-150 and 16% for 151+.  This will depend on the participation level and unfortunately I don't have any data from the previous vendor so I don't know the participation levels -- something we'll find out during this first month of the new program.

Q: Is this an ongoing program?

A. This is an ongoing program and should run through to the end of the school year.