PAC Chair Job Description

The PAC Chairperson is an annual parent volunteer that works with the parents, the PAC executive and the school administrator to help coordinate and act as a voice on behalf of the parents of Bayview.  Each year during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the PAC executive positions are nominated and volunteers step forward to fill the various positions including the chairperson position.  Below is a list of the Chairperson's duties as well as a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ).  If you have any questions please contact Chris Kerslake -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (604) 721-0200.

1. One of the signing officers for the PAC.
2. Parent representative to: school, school board (VSB), and DPAC (district PAC)
3. Meet and coordinate with the principal
4. Help plan events and committees with the PAC executive
5. Help plan the budget and fund-raising activities.
6. Attend various events: Welcome-to-K, New Parent Orientation, monthly PAC meetings, Open House, PAC executive meetings (quarterly)
7. Help choose the photographer and hot lunch provider.
8. Delegate events to event coordinators and provide them with support.
9. Communicate with the parents at regular intervals via email and the website.
10. Plan and run the monthly PAC meetings

Q: Does the PAC chair run all of the events or are they in charge of all of them?
A: No, volunteer event coordinators run the individual events -- unless the PAC chair wants to take on an event -- for example I enjoyed taking on the Staff Appreciation Luncheon each year.

Q: Does the PAC chair need to be at the school all of the time?
A: No, being at the school can be useful for some events but is not necessary and typically you are coordinating with the principal and PAC executives via email or telephone unless you want to attend an event like an assembly or a tour of the school.

Q: Does the PAC chair have to attend all of the events?
A: No, but you will probably attend most events just like the rest of the parents anyway.  Remember there are event coordinators for each of the events and even PAC meetings can be chaired by someone else if you are away.

Q: Is this a full-time job?  I already have a full-time job so can I handle this at the same time?
A: This isn't a full-time job but September is very busy because everything is new so there are a lot of events.  We moved the elections to May to help allow for a transition in May/June so the PAC executive can be prepared for September instead of trying to play catch-up.  Also, I found that it was necessary to delegate as much and as soon as possible to ensure that the event coordinators could get started and moving independent of the executive as much as possible.
An initial estimate of time is about 20 hours in September (this is the busiest month - but some planning in the summer can reduce this) and then 12 hours for October and then 8 - 10 hours a month for the rest of the year.

Q: Is there a binder of information already?
A: There is no "book" per se but we have compiled various documents and a calendar of events so the next chair can pick and choose how they want to do things.  Also, all of the emails, accounts and information has been saved electronically so it can be easily found, edited and passed along.

Q: Will the new PAC chair still have access to the old PAC chair (we're looking at you Chris)
A: Yes.  Chris is stepping aside because his work load has increased to a point where he can't participate to the level that he wants to but he's not going anywhere and wants to continue to participate.  Also, the current PAC exec (Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) have said that they will be staying on for at least another year so you won't be on your own.

Q: What if I want to just co-chair or be a member at large.
A: That's great too... come to the May 2013 PAC meeting (May 23rd) and put your idea forward.

Q: Are there any other 'jobs' that the PAC needs?
A: Yes, a web master (maintain the current website or create a new one), a communications coordinator (twitter, emails and Facebook) and individual event coordinators.

Volunteering - Volunteers Needed


As you may or may not know Bayview’s main fundraiser is our annual Silent Auction.  This evening, adults-only (limited child care spaces available) event, held every spring, is one of the highlights of the school year. 

This year, we need your help to make this event a success by volunteering to secure donations of items or services for auction.


Do you or someone you know own or work for a local business?

Do you have a favourite restaurant/hair salon/gym/kids activity centre?

Would you be willing to “cold call” visit some businesses who have made donations in the past?

Would you like to meet some like-minded parents and have some fun while contributing to Bayview school?


We need volunteers to make the Silent Auction a success!  Every effort, large and small, is greatly appreciated.


2017's “Bayview en Blanc” event was a great success and raised over $18,000 in a single evening.



Funds raised will be used to:

  • purchase iPads for our classrooms
  • increase the supply of playground equipment (balls, skipping ropes, storage bins) and rainy-day activities
  • meet a host of other needs to maintain an enriching and vibrant environment for our children

In order to make all of the above possible we need volunteers to solicit donations of goods and services from our neighbourhood businesses. 


If you would like to volunteer, having any questions or would simply like more information about what is involved please us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- There is alwasy a need for volunteers at Bayview. Stay tuned for coming events like the Howl (lots of ways to contribute there), the annual silent auction, help your teacher in the classroom or be a class representative, and many more opportunities throughout the year.

- Come to PAC meetings - it is open for everyone and you get to really know what is going on.



Fundraising - Why We Fundraise

To put it simply, the PAC raises funds for two primary reasons: stuff we want and stuff we need.   In a perfect world, we would only need to fundraise for stuff we want, like field trips or guest speakers. The reality is that we must also fundraise to supplement things we need, like art supplies, library books, technology (computers, SmartBoards, iPads), playground equipment, and additional educational support materials.   One major challenge with fundraising – we don't want our fundraising activities to be seen as, or felt like, a 'parent tax.' Let's not saddle our children with the chore of selling useless products to their families, trying to reach sales goals for incentive rewards. Unfortunately, many easy fundraising initiatives rely on students selling various products. In the last few years, Bayview has limited the number of fundraising activities, focusing on adult events like the Spring Fundraiser ("An Evening in Wonderland" in 2011 and "Life's a Beach Party" in 2012 theme) and on fun student activities like the Dance-A-Thon. Moving forward, this year we will be looking at ways to raise funds via the larger community. Hopefully, we can distribute the load and also broaden the pool of potential contributors. Our hope is to raise more money, so the things we need are met. Then we can focus on how we want to transform Bayview, to help it become everything we want for our kids. This year, we're also introducing a "Donor Bill of Rights" to share with donors and potential donors. It is intended to demonstrate how much we appreciate their efforts, and also how seriously we take our job. Have a hot fundraising idea?  Got an opinion on fundraising?  Want to help raise funds?  Need more information? Contact us...

Volunteering - How to Volunteer

We always need volunteers for each of the three main PAC activities: fundraising, advocacy, and events.

Fundraising - You are interested in raising money by creating fundraising events or fundraising opportunities

Advocacy - You want to effect change or help someone else effect change

Events - You want to help coordinate or help out with one of our PAC events

We'll have more details in the coming weeks. If you are interested in any volunteer opportunities, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can add you to our volunteer list. If you'd like let us know what you are passionate about, so we can connect you with the best project for both your talents and your passions.

Donor Bill of Rights

The Bayview PAC Statement of Donor Rights (*)

To ensure that donors to the Bayview Parent Advisory Council (PAC) have full confidence in the organization and its appeals, the following donors’ rights are recognized.

All Donors have the following rights:

1.  to be clear about how the organization intends to spend their donations;
2.  to know that their donation will be used for the purpose for which it was given;

3.  to trust that information about their donation will remain confidential to the organization to the extent provided by law;
4.  to choose to be excluded from any future solicitations;
5.  to have the right to remain anonymous;
6.  to know that their name will never be sold;

7.  to be assured that their donation will be banked promptly and spent within a reasonable time;
8.  to receive appropriate recognition and thanks;
9.  to receive, upon request, all published financial statements;
10. to expect that there is a fair and proper balance between the interests of donors and the aims and objectives of organization;
11. to know whether an individual soliciting funds is a volunteer, an employee, a hired solicitor or other;

12. to know that complaints will be taken seriously, handled promptly, and responded to swiftly;
13. to receive prompt and accurate answers to their questions;
14. to be provided, upon request, with reports on the way that funds have been spent.

(*) voted and accepted at the November 15, 2011 PAC meeting