PAC Chair Job Description

The PAC Chairperson is an annual parent volunteer that works with the parents, the PAC executive and the school administrator to help coordinate and act as a voice on behalf of the parents of Bayview.  Each year during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the PAC executive positions are nominated and volunteers step forward to fill the various positions including the chairperson position.  Below is a list of the Chairperson's duties as well as a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ).  If you have any questions please contact Chris Kerslake -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (604) 721-0200.

1. One of the signing officers for the PAC.
2. Parent representative to: school, school board (VSB), and DPAC (district PAC)
3. Meet and coordinate with the principal
4. Help plan events and committees with the PAC executive
5. Help plan the budget and fund-raising activities.
6. Attend various events: Welcome-to-K, New Parent Orientation, monthly PAC meetings, Open House, PAC executive meetings (quarterly)
7. Help choose the photographer and hot lunch provider.
8. Delegate events to event coordinators and provide them with support.
9. Communicate with the parents at regular intervals via email and the website.
10. Plan and run the monthly PAC meetings

Q: Does the PAC chair run all of the events or are they in charge of all of them?
A: No, volunteer event coordinators run the individual events -- unless the PAC chair wants to take on an event -- for example I enjoyed taking on the Staff Appreciation Luncheon each year.

Q: Does the PAC chair need to be at the school all of the time?
A: No, being at the school can be useful for some events but is not necessary and typically you are coordinating with the principal and PAC executives via email or telephone unless you want to attend an event like an assembly or a tour of the school.

Q: Does the PAC chair have to attend all of the events?
A: No, but you will probably attend most events just like the rest of the parents anyway.  Remember there are event coordinators for each of the events and even PAC meetings can be chaired by someone else if you are away.

Q: Is this a full-time job?  I already have a full-time job so can I handle this at the same time?
A: This isn't a full-time job but September is very busy because everything is new so there are a lot of events.  We moved the elections to May to help allow for a transition in May/June so the PAC executive can be prepared for September instead of trying to play catch-up.  Also, I found that it was necessary to delegate as much and as soon as possible to ensure that the event coordinators could get started and moving independent of the executive as much as possible.
An initial estimate of time is about 20 hours in September (this is the busiest month - but some planning in the summer can reduce this) and then 12 hours for October and then 8 - 10 hours a month for the rest of the year.

Q: Is there a binder of information already?
A: There is no "book" per se but we have compiled various documents and a calendar of events so the next chair can pick and choose how they want to do things.  Also, all of the emails, accounts and information has been saved electronically so it can be easily found, edited and passed along.

Q: Will the new PAC chair still have access to the old PAC chair (we're looking at you Chris)
A: Yes.  Chris is stepping aside because his work load has increased to a point where he can't participate to the level that he wants to but he's not going anywhere and wants to continue to participate.  Also, the current PAC exec (Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) have said that they will be staying on for at least another year so you won't be on your own.

Q: What if I want to just co-chair or be a member at large.
A: That's great too... come to the May 2013 PAC meeting (May 23rd) and put your idea forward.

Q: Are there any other 'jobs' that the PAC needs?
A: Yes, a web master (maintain the current website or create a new one), a communications coordinator (twitter, emails and Facebook) and individual event coordinators.