What We Do

The Bayview PAC has three key activities: advocacy, fundraising, and school community building


One of the PAC’s main roles is to provide a voice for parents at every level of the education system from the school administration to the provincial government.


An important part of current public school life is raising money. It’s not like the “old days,” when we parents went to school. Many facilities and opportunities are provided through PAC funds. When your child comes home raving about the play she saw in an assembly, that was funded by PAC money. When your son makes a fabulous clay sculpture at school, those art supplies were bought with PAC dollars. Computers, library books, science supplies, and visits from local authors are all supplied by PAC funds. Even the playground equipment and gym sport supplies have been purchased with PAC money.



At Bayview, the PAC is responsible for or involved with many of the community and social events that take place each year. Thanks to parent volunteers, students can enjoy the Hallowe’en Howl, the Pancake Breakfast, and other fun events. Parent volunteers arrange the snacks for the Terry Fox Run, Sports Day, and other activities.

You may already be a volunteer at the school. Parents help in classrooms with art activities, reading, and special events. We drive on field trips. We stand on the corners to help supervise Off to a Running Start. Some parents coach school sport teams. There are many ways to help our children’s school and educational experience.