All too often, the Bayview PAC is seen as two different things: the Parents and the PAC Executive.

The Parents

All of the parents at Bayview are members of the PAC, i.e., the parents are the PAC.

I saw this all last year, my first year at Bayview – the folks that came to the PAC meetings wondered where the other parents were, and the other parents wondered what “those PAC folks” were doing.  So I asked some parents why they didn’t come to the PAC meetings. They told me that they weren’t members of the PAC!  Well, guess what? You are all members of the PAC, and can come to any – or all – PAC meetings. You can voice your opinion on any or all of the things the PAC does.

The PAC Executive

Which leads me to the PAC Executive.  So, each June, the parents who attend the PAC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) are asked to nominate and vote in at least three members of the parent community. These parents assume  three required roles: chairperson, treasurer, and secretary. Additional parents may be elected as vice-chairperson or members at large. These “elected” people become the PAC Executive. This bestows on them the responsibility to try and organize the PAC and also the legal ability to collect and spend money raised by PAC activities.

The PAC Executive meets regularly with the principal to coordinate school events. The PAC and the school work together to fund school activities through PAC fundraising activities. The provincial government set up the PAC system back in 1989, giving parents the opportunity to advise their school administrators and staff about school matters. Since this time, PACs have taken on larger responsibilities for fundraising and organizing community events. If you are interested in more background information, check this link to the provincial PAC group.

The current 2016-2017 PAC Executive list is here.

“The PAC Parents”

Now, it can get confusing, trying to identify who is involved. Every year, some folks are more active within the parent community – and, historically, these people have been mislabeled as “the PAC parents”.  Although this is not technically true, these are the folks who have taken the lead on many PAC-sponsored projects and thus are more active within the PAC community.  This year, I hope that we are better able to spread the volunteering load among the larger parent community. We welcome all parents to help us make Bayview better by helping out any way you can — we’ll have more on this once the school year starts.

– Chris