The unfortunate reality is that government funding no longer covers all of the expenses required for a full and well-rounded public education.  Schools without an active PAC, with fundraising skills, results in a poorly equipped school and students without access to many enriching opportunities.  At Bayview we are fortunate to have an active PAC.  Funds raised over the past years have paid for many items including:

  • performances and cultural events such as the Rythm Resource intermediate drumming workshop and author visits from Ashley Spiers
  • playground equipment including a new swing, spinners, balls and skipping ropes, picnic tables and rainy day games
  • subsidies for field trips and classroom enrichment
  • art supplies
  • recognition ceremonies for the participants in athletics, Grade 7 graduates, etc
  • sports day and Terry Fox Run snacks
  • library
  • iPads for classroom use

The Bayview PAC raises funds in several ways:

Large Event Fundraisers: 

The Halloween Howl (end of Oct), The Winter Holiday Market (early Dec) and the Annual Gala (late Feb/early Mar) currently raise the bulk of the PACs fund.  These events combine fundraising and community-building – it’s more fun and sustainable that way!

On-going Shopping Reward Programs:

Raise money for Bayview School by making your everyday purchases through one of our shopping rewards programs.  Vendors donate a percentage of all sales made by parents through the rewards programs directly to the school.  It’s so easy!

Seasonal & Other Fundraisers:

At specific times of year you can make seasonal purchases (ski passes, holiday chocolates, etc) through a rewards program with a percentage of purchases being donated by the vendor to Bayview.