Dear Bayview Community,

Safety fences have gone up, and our old Bayview School is starting to become a construction site. These are the first steps toward a fantastic new, safe building, but for our children to have a fully functioning school, we will need financial help from you, our generous and caring community. 

Government funding for seismically safe new school buildings provides only for the building itself, but not for any new/replacement furnishings. It is up to the school’s parents (through the PAC) to fundraise for all these items, many of which are essential to the functioning of the school. These are some of the things we will need to buy for the new school:

  • Library furniture: $15K
  • Furniture for common areas: $25K
  • Classroom projectors: $50-75K
  • Classroom rugs: $2,500
  • Scoreboard and sound system for gym: $10K
  • Outdoor furnishings: $15K
  • 1-2 new pieces of playground equipment: $50-80K

Based on the experiences of other rebuilt schools, we will eventually need to raise a total of $250,000.

We plan to achieve this through a series of fundraising campaigns. No donation amount is too small (or too large!), but donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt. If you can, please donate right now, while you’re thinking about it! Here’s how:

Online:  Click on the “Donate” button at top right. This will take you directly to the VSB SchoolCashOnline page for Bayview PAC donations. When you are asked to log in after adding the donation to the cart, use the account information you use for paying school fees. More detailed instructions (with screenshots) are available here.

A heartfelt thank you in advance for your generosity,

Kelly Ryan, Lead for Fundraising for New Bayview