Author Paul Toffanello



Hi, Everyone!

I am Paul Toffanello, the author of the middle grade series “The Popchuck Chronicles” and the children’s illustrated stories “In Blackburn Hamlet.”

I am so happy to participate in the Bayview Christmas Market, and if you have children in grades 5-8, you might consider purchasing copies in the Popchuck series. They are fast-paced, hi-interest, fun and spooky, and the story runs over 3 novels with a trio of friends who have run ins with ghosts, witches and warlocks. Their friendship is tested over and over again in their effort to vanquish the evil antagonist.  And if you have children in grades 2-4, you might consider picking up one or both of the books in the Blackburn Hamlet series of softly spooky stories for little kids! Visit for more information.


I am good to deliver the books directly to your home. To purchase them, please email me at to let me know what books you would like to buy. I will sign them if you give me a name(s) to use in the autograph. You can pay me cash or cheque upon delivery or etransfer to my email address above. When ordering, be sure to include your address and, again, names of the children to whom you’d like the books sent. The cost of the books is as follows:


The Popchuck Chronicles:  3 for $30 or $12.00 if ordering only one or two novels.

In Blackburn Hamlet: Hardcopy – $22.00  Softcover – $17.00 (There are limited numbers available before Christmas.


I’ll look forward to hearing from you!