KnitbackAndRelax – Laura Kinders


I’m Laura, the maker behind knitbackandrelax! I have always been passionate about creating things and knitting has not only given me the opportunity to be creative, it has also given me a place to focus and relax. This was particularly valuable to me when the kids were littles! My kids are now grown and they would say that my knitting has too…all over the house!


Don’t get me wrong, even though they get quite annoyed with the faux fur that floats around the house when I’m making pompoms they are my biggest supporters. They provide me with important feedback like,  “no mom that’s ugly” or “ oh, can I have one of those?” And willingly lend me their heads, hands and pretty faces when I need a model to photograph my work.


I’m so happy to be sharing with you a labor of love! If you see something you’d like to purchase or have an idea for a custom order please message me on FB! I’d love to help you out.


I can take payments by e-transfer

Arrangements will be made for pick up, if possible, on Sunday December 13 at McBride Park, between 10:00 – 11:30am.