Raise money for Bayview School by doing your everyday shopping through one of our great rewards programs.

You don’t need to sign up for anything, simple make your on-line purchases or buy gift cards using the links below and a percentage of your total purchase will be donated by the vendor to Bayview School.  It’s really that easy!

The Bayview PAC does not endorse, warrant, promote or recommend any of the third-party vendors listed below.



Shop on-line from vendors like The Gap and Sportchek using the FlipGive link and a portion of your purchase will benefit Bayview School.  Check out the list of great gift card options for any occasion. Too many vendors to list so click the link below and shop!



Shop on-line or purchase an e-Gift Card using the following link and 20% of the value will be donated to Bayview Community School.  Perfect for gift giving!


Sign-up for SPUD grocery delivery (or link an existing customer account) and Bayview school will received up to 25% of the value.


Already have a SPUD account? Simply buy yourself a fundraising gift card and immediately redeem it, which leaves you with that amount of credit in your SPUD account. If you are able to put a significant amount on the gift card at one time, you only have to do it every month or two. Here is how:

– Go to (and bookmark!)  www.spud.ca/spudcards.

– Select “Email a gift certificate” and fill in all the info fields, entering your own email address for both recipient and “your” emails. Critically important: choose Vancouver under “Recipient’s SPUD delivery area” and then choose Bayview Community School in the pull-down under “Support.”

– Once you pay for the gift card, you’ll get a gift code. Enter that code on the checkout screen during one order, and the full amount will appear as a negative balance that will remain until you spend down the full amount over successive weeks of deliveries.

Whether you need labels for your children’s things or your kitchen pantry or office, purchase through the Mabel’s Labels fundraising link and 20% of your purchase value will be donated to Bayview School.